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Meet Gary Howell

Certified Life Coach and Family Counselor 

 I was born in Omaha Nebraska, however most of my formative years were spent in Gardena Ca. and Mesa Arizona. I had a good childhood and teenage years, full of family, good friends, church and of course Sports. It was at church that I met my wife Candi, we married young and at 43 years and counting we still enjoy each other, our 3 children and 8 grandchildren. I have spent many years (and lots of money) acquiring degrees and certifications, all of which are designed to coach, counsel, encourage and empower those that are in need. I have a B.A. in Theology and a M.A in counseling, over the years I have added several other certifications that work in harmony with the degrees. I served as a Pastor for 16 years and it was in ministry that I honed my love for people and the desire to serve others.

I love the opportunities to speak in a conference setting or a workshop/seminar setting, it has always come natural to me, in fact my wife has said in times past that I “can speak until I actually say something.” I also find great joy in mentoring young or new life coaches and teacher’s/experts, I have realized that I get the same amount of joy watching one of them succeed as I do in my own success. My new love is writing, and I am committed to writing 2 books a year, one on my own and the second one as a collaboration with another coach or Pastor.

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