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A Little White Casket

International Best Seller


Everyone experiences grief, pains and loss on this journey of life. For some it serves as a catalyst for growth and for others it becomes an impassable obstacle. This book not only shares my personal experience with grief and loss but also contains case studies of several types of pain and loss. When we acknowledge that we have been affected in many ways by the painful experiences, we then must become intentional Amit seeking hope and healing. This book will share some possibilities on implementing your own hope and healing strategies, as well as supply some tools to take control of how you thing and respond to future grief, pain and loss.

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Really hits home and answers a lot of internal questions

Can't imagine the amount of hurt and pain one experiences when you lose your child. Many people just never "live" after that event. But God has a way to live and even flourish in the midst of these difficult challenges of life. Gary is insightful, articulate, and experienced in growing after a tragedy. Very worth the price. - SRE

A Book We All Need: 

It’s 2020. A year of loss. This book helped out things in perspective. A world that is hurting from so much loss. I appreciate this book and the words Gary shared.

5.0 out of 5 stars Gary is masterful at helping you understand the power you have from your own experiences!

I can't explain the power of what Gary teaches in not only gaining better view of yourself, but how to use past trauma to propel you FORWARD. I've struggled with letting my past control my future by casting all that doubt and guilt onto people in my life. But once I fully accepted what Gary teaches, and actually apply it to my life without hesitation, I began conquering my inner demons, and moving towards a place of freedom and grace... a life without shame. Can't recommend this book enough. Let Gary's past help pave your bright future ahead!

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